Exhibited work at the House of Commons upper waiting hall

Through The Eyes Of Time

House Of Commons

November 2015

After the success of the Through The Eyes Of Time collection being exhibited Victoria was given the wonderful opportunity to exhibit in the House Of Commons, London, This opportunity arose as the MP Gordon Henderson was invited to come along for a private view of the Through The Eyes Of Time collection at Sessions House in 2014, he felt that Victorias work

was so inspiring and deserved to be seen in the House Of Commons.

The exhibition was shown in the prestigious Upper Waiting Hall of the House Of Commons in November 2015 and could be viewed for 1 week.  The footfall of this exhibition was considerably high.

Due to the high profile location of the exhibition Victoria was reported on by the BBC as well as featured in national magazines.  The success of this exhibition and the media coverage made Victorias career as a exhibiting sculptor grow considerably.  The collection saw Victoria sell 2 pieces of work within the first day of opening.

Click here to watch the BBC interview.

Victoria Claire being interviewed by Robin Gibson of the BBC