A picture of the artist Victoria Claire


Victoria Claire

Victoria Claire is a professional artist in contemporary sculpture. Her experience spans close to 30 years, working in the medium of wood she has commissions all over the world, including America, Australia, Germany, Italy and Ireland as well as many in the UK. Her exhibiting career has seen her show solo exhibitions all over the UK and Ireland, her most prestigious exhibitions have been in such places as The House Of Commons in Westminster, London and America Square in London.

Her style of sculpture is post modern symbolic, it represents shape and form with flow of lines and movement using piercings and suspensions.  She most especially enjoys incorporating gemstones within her work.


Victoria is inspired by her sense of spiritual awareness and personal development, there is always meaning to her work. Creating pieces from figurative, nature inspired to symbolic representations of experience, faith and belief.

Victoria is also a registered blind woman, she began to lose her sight at the age of 19 from the disease Retinitis Pigmentosa, however, despite her sight loss she has continued to thrive and excel in her creative career, in fact her work has been inspired by her experience of sight loss and indeed the tactile way with how it is created enhances the pieces.  She now works with many sight 

loss organisations as an advocate to inspire, support and mentor those with a visual impairment, this line of work sees Victoria public speaking and exhibiting new collections in collaboration with many of these organisations.  Victoria is an ambassador for the organisation Retina UK and also is the founder of the advocacy website www.victoriaclaire-beyondvision.com this site celebrates, supports and inspires the visually impaired community. She shares her continuous journey through sight loss, her creativity and lifestyle and is enjoying highlighting the other inspiring visually impaired people as well as using her own experience to create blogs.